Friday, May 23, 2008

Random Acts of Anarchy

I think it is time for anarchists to take back the term from the nihilists who have stolen it. I think we should have an "Anarchy Day". If anyone has a suggestion for a good date, let me know and I'll promote it as much as I can.

On our Anarchy Day, all of us anarchists could commit random acts of helpful, public anarchy. Each of us recognizes, of course, that we all, even the most enthusiastic statists, live our daily lives in a basic condition of anarchy. For one day, I would like to see us show the rest of the world why anarchism is the only philosophy that really works.

Choose something that needs to be done, then wear something (as unoffensive to the sheeple as possible) to indicate your anarchistic philosophy. I would suggest such acts as picking up trash in a local park, without asking for permission. Or buying a meal for a needy family, without asking government's permission. Fill an elderly man's gas tank, without waiting for someone else to do it. Repair a piece of playground equipment, without waiting for permission from the bureaucrats. See a pattern? Helpful. Public. Self governing.

In some instances, you may risk arrest for doing what is right without waiting for the parasites to "allow" it. Think of the publicity you could generate if the authoriturds do try to stop your random acts of anarchy. Be sure to have a trusted co-conspirator who will contact the media and publicize your arrest online if that happens. In the long run, that might even be the best outcome.

Each of you knows of a way you could help in your local neighborhood. There may be some government "process" that pretends to have jurisdiction or authority over that particular area. Instead of behaving like a statist or a government sympathizer and whining "Why won't they DO something about it", just take charge and do it. And when you do, be sure to emphasize that WE are the anarchists. WE get the things done that should be done without waiting for Uncle Scam to do it. We don't go to the city council meetings to beg for stolen money to pay for "help", but take control of the situation and do what our morals tell us should be done. As free individuals. Without coercion. Without theft. And best of all, without government.

(I apologize for using the terms "us" and "we", but couldn't think of any other way to say this. I am not presuming to speak for you. Really.)

Added: This post formed the basis of an article I sent to The Libertarian Enterprise.