Thursday, May 29, 2008

Inspiring Anarchy

As you know, my first loyalty is to individual liberty; also known as "anarchy". It is hard for me to stay interested in electoral politics when there is no real choice who has a burning passion for individual liberty as I do. When there is a Libertarian candidate who lights a fire in my heart like Michael Badnarik did, I get interested and excited. When there is not, I get very apathetic OR I get more determined to write in my own name and encourage others to do the same. Some people might interpret both choices as different expressions of the same thing.

My commitment to voting is a day-to-day proposition. I will vote in this next election (for myself) unless something more important comes up. Next time... who knows? I don't think voting really helps, but I sometimes enjoy doing it. If I didn't, I wouldn't bother (that is the essence of liberty, you know). Inspire me to go out of my way to vote for you and I will. Bore me and I won't bother. And I certainly won't feel guilty either.

I don't know why, but I would like to be inspired by others. It is so freakishly hard to keep inspiring myself all the time (LOL). Yet, the funny thing is, I do inspire myself. It is fun living in anarchy. It is fun to look at "the way things are" and realize that there is no earthly reason for it to be that way other than lack of imagination or awareness. It is fun to know that I own my own life. Yes, I will comply or obey just enough that "they" won't murder me, but only if I think noncompliance is not worth the risk. It is invigorating to be free. Enjoy the freedom you have, don't give up any liberty, increase it whenever you can, and don't stress over the stuff that is out of your control. Tomorrow, maybe those things will be within your power to change, too.