Friday, May 30, 2008

To Each His Own...

One big reason anarchy is so superior to other ways of living is that no other way allows for the different needs of individuals. I need liberty. Someone else (apparently a LOT of someone elses, by the way people vote) might have a need to be ruled. Only in an anarchistic society can both of our needs be met.

In a country ruled by a government, everyone is forced to "go along" regardless of their wishes. In an anarchistic society, if you wish to have a Ruler and live according to his whim, you would be allowed to do that. Everyone would pity you as they would pity a dying addict choking on his own bile in the gutter, but as long as you made it clear that it was your choice (probably by signing a contract of some sort), no one would force you to be free. Of course, if your Ruler tried to force any free person to live by his edicts, the Ruler would have a very, very short lifespan; just as it should be.

Others might feel a need to have a democratically elected government that would only affect those who signed on for the game. As long as they keep it to themselves and don't coerce others, they would be free to do that. They might wish to move to a compound somewhere and keep their dirty secret... well...private, but there would be no federal raids to force them to accept polite society's standards. That is how civilized humans operate.