Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Clowns of Coercion

You know the village bureaucrat who looks for things to meddle with? The guy who feels some pathological need to make certain everyone has the proper permits and is doing everything "by the book"? You know the ATF agent who feels it is OK to lie and kill while enforcing counterfeit (and completely illegal) "laws" regulating things the government has no authority to regulate? You know the president who lies in order to get to have his war which results in near-genocide and more danger from foreign terrorists and domestic enemies inside government? How about your neighbor who swells with misplaced pride when the ordinance he proposed becomes another festering pool of law pollution? Well, all these people are "Clowns of Coercion".

They are the ones who feel justified trying to run (and ruin) your life. It gives them and their worthless lives "meaning", at least to themselves. Some of them wear clownsuits with badges; some wear business suits that come with their own nooses as standard equipment. None of them deserve any respect; only derision and ridicule. Adults mind their own business; spoiled children try to control those around them. It is time to start being amused by these clowns when they put on their act for us, and long past the time for taking them seriously and obeying their nonsense.