Friday, June 06, 2008

Have a little fun being a "freedom outlaw". Go to and expose yourself. No, not in that way....


The Root of the Problem

One category of those horrible, yet hilarious, "Clowns of Coercion" that may cause the most damage are the meddling busybodies who work locally. When some local clown is bragging about getting an ordinance passed you should act like they just confessed to a murder, because in a very real sense, they did: the murder of Liberty. They should hang their head in shame, yet if they don't, you should by all means act shocked and disappointed at their selfish, coercive behavior.

As long as they continue to think of themselves as important or "involved" while destroying liberty one ordinance at a time, they will keep doing it. Ridicule or a good "shunning" may make them see that what they did is wrong. If not, at least you will know where the root of the problem lies.

Liberty can not survive as long as we keep allowing these nutcases to have their coercive enforcers run more and more aspects of our lives. These people and their actions are absolutely despicable and should not be tolerated any more than you would tolerate a slave-trader operating next door.