Monday, June 09, 2008

Ask Your Doctor if "Government" Is Right For You...

"I didn't know liberty could cause anxiety and loss of certainty! My doctor prescribed Government to give me back the illusion of security. Thank goodness for Government!

"When I suffered from liberty, I was always facing consequences for my actions. Some of those consequences were scary and uncomfortable! Now I don't need to take responsibility for my actions anymore. Government will take care of me!

"Thinking for myself is a thing of the past. I don't have to wonder now if something is right or wrong; Government tells me if it is 'legal' instead! Talk about convenience!

"Government makes the decisions about what medications I should be allowed to use; how and where I can travel; how to spend my money; and so many other things that used to burden me so terribly! But no more!

"Government saved me from the burden of self-ownership. Ask your doctor if Government is right for you! You'll be glad you did!"

Warning: Government may cause lack of morality and/or common sense. If victim disarmament or genocide occur, discontinue use and see your doctor immediately. If tyranny persists, or gets worse, discontinue use and do not seek a replacement Government. If you have a Government that lasts longer than 150 years, make nooses and seek revolutionary solutions. Government is a product of Coercion Unlimited, International.