Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Defending Liberty... And Getting Lashed Angrily

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

America in 2008 is a land and a time of universal deceit. It is odd, and disheartening, that when I speak out in defense of liberty I get accused of being a bad person. It happens time after time. Just because I think it is deplorable that dishonest cops can entrap pedophiles online, I am assumed to be "pro-pedophile"...or worse. Just because I will not turn my back on my parental responsibilities and let bad(ge) guys do my job for me, I am assumed to be childless.

It is absolutely sickening that America has fallen so far down the collectivist rat-hole that people can say such things about my comments on a newspaper's website, and about me personally, and no one else says "Hey, you know... maybe it is wrong for cops to become online predators themselves in order to catch pedophiles." Who cares if the Supreme Court says it is "legal"? "Legal" is not the same as "right". Am I the only one who still believes that two wrongs DO NOT make a right? If you violate the worse aggressor's rights, you will violate the most innocent person's rights, too. Just give it time.

Notice too, that they threaten to initiate force against me, by throwing the state at me for speaking out. Who was supposed to teach them right and wrong? They are also against free speech, I guess. I wonder if they believe like Bush does when it comes to the highest law of the land: the Constitution. They obviously have no respect for the Bill of Rights.

To think that these poor people believe they are "patriotic Americans". They turn a blind eye as the police state grows and becomes more and more dangerous with each passing day. They are so wrapped up in wanting to punish someone that they can't see that these same methods will eventually be used against them as well. Everyone does something that either is, or will be, frowned upon by the state. And not all of those things involve actual initiated force or fraud. Yet the state kills those people just as quickly.

It is sad that they feel the need to hate me so much. They are comfortable in their ignorance. I hope they enjoy being loaded onto the cattle cars by their "friends" in government when their "patriotism" isn't enough anymore. I'll still be speaking up for their rights when it happens.... if I am still around.