Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Right and Wrong".... It's Not That Hard

It is wrong to harm an innocent person. This means that rape, murder, and kidnapping are wrong. There is no justification for these acts of aggression.

It is wrong to steal from people. That means that Nigerian scams, taxation, armed robbery, burglary, looting, and shoplifting are wrong. If it is not yours, and the owner doesn't want to give it to you as a gift, you have no right to take it. Making veiled threats to coerce the owner into parting with his property is just as bad. There is never any justification for these acts of aggression.

It is wrong to break an agreement such as a contract without an agreement between the signatories. If one party unilaterally breaks the deal, the deal is off. For one side to break the deal and then try to hold the other side to their part of the deal is wrong. Business or marriage partners, and constitutional governments are frequent violators where these deals are concerned. It is also wrong to trick someone into getting into an agreement (by lying or hiding the truth) that they would not otherwise accept. This behavior is wrong. There is never any justification for behaving in this way.

If you are doing something that harms no one but yourself, you have the right to continue doing it. Even if everyone else thinks you shouldn't. In that case, even if you are doing something stupid and self-destructive, if they use kidnapping ("arrest") or theft ("fines") to punish you or to force you to stop, they have crossed the line from right to wrong. Your "saviors" are committing evil.

There seem to be a lot of people in the world who believe that "right and wrong" are not clear concepts. Especially if the government is the organization committing the evil actions. Perhaps their parents did not choose to teach their children to respect others. They should have still learned the lessons before they lasted very long in "the real world". Unfortunately, most people get their "education" at the hands of the government indoctrination centers. These "public schools" have no interest in teaching such concepts since it might make children question why it is that evil acts are OK if the state is the the one doing them.