Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anarchy Day

Just a quick update, since I actually have internet access for the next day or so.

I spent today, June 18 (and actually, the past couple of days as well), doing my "Random Acts of Anarchy". I think that because no one has suggested another date, I will declare June 18th as my "Anarchy Day". It also happens to be my birthday, but that seems a good date for Anarchy Day to me. Join me if you like, or declare your own date.

If you would like to participate next year, it will give you a year to plan ahead. Maybe the 18th of each month could be a "Mini-Anarchy Day".

So, what did I do to celebrate my public, helpful anarchism? I flew my Time's Up flag and picked up litter in the campground where we were staying. Anarchists beat the statists once again!