Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Solution to "Government"

I am becoming convinced that the solution to the problem of "government" is to just get over the delusion that it is necessary. It's not, even if you can't currently imagine life without it. For every argument for government, several alternatives present themselves if you spend a little time thinking outside the carefully constructed, mirrored, box.

Those government indoctrination centers that we are encouraged to call "public schools" cripple our critical thinking skills where government is concerned. I'm sure that isn't accidental.

I'd love the chance to see what one month of absolutely zero government at any level would bring. You can bet that the former Rulers would try their hardest to monkeywrench the experiment. That might present some wonderful opportunities for ridding ourselves of that type of destructive parasite altogether. Would you allow your glorious anarchistic liberty to degenerate into chaos? Me neither.

Together we could teach the truly aggressive individuals that they had better shape up or be darwinized. Then, even if by some tragedy government came back, society would still be better for lack of bad guys. I wonder if any cops would survive the vacation from tyranny. A few might be able to behave themselves for a month.