Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Neighbors

Not that I have any personal experience, but I would think that libertarians would make excellent neighbors. Who doesn't want a neighbor who minds his own business and is willing to help out? And don't underestimate the value of a neighbor who will work things out if there is a problem without getting the enforcers involved.

One problem might crop up if your libertarian neighbor chooses to use his property in ways you don't approve of. I have been "guilty" of this. But it was my house and, except for offending the neighbors, it was causing no harm. I didn't even complain when the neighbors used pneumatic power tools on their cars late at night, but they sure squealed about my tall grass and poultry. "If you mow your yard and find a car, you might be a ....." well, you know the rest. Add to that the occasional gunshots, campfires, and somewhat unconventional landscaping. Hey, the neighbors annoyed me, too.

So, on second thought, I was probably wrong. I guess libertarians would make excellent neighbors for other libertarians, but a major pain in the posterior for control-freak types. This is why I know that I should only live in the boondocks far from "more civilized" types.