Friday, August 01, 2008

The War on Free Speech (and Guns)

David Codrea's blog, "The War on Guns", is one of my favorites. Unfortunately Google/Blogspot has decided it is spam. He is blocked from posting until or unless they decide to allow him to continue posting again. It is their right to block him if they choose, but their decision is based upon a lie, false information, or an agenda of blocking speech they don't like. That is wrong.

If they don't unblock him, I will try to move my blog to another host. Maybe if I can figure out how to put it on, that would be my best choice, but I would probably lose all the comments.


Tobacco: Time To Grow Your Own?

With the recent legislative monkey-business from the Swamp of Corruption, it might be time for smokers to grow their own. It might even be time for non-smokers to start growing tobacco just because it will make the meddlers angry. Become a grower before it is illegal. Then continue after it becomes so, if it pleases you.

Of course, similar arguments could be made for lots of activities that are "capital crimes" judging from the state's behavior.