Saturday, August 09, 2008

Solving Problems With "Laws"

I heard about a town somewhere that legalized golf carts for on-road use to help with travel expenses related to the "high price of fuel" (which is really the high price of having fiat money). While I approve of using alternate vehicles for travel, I think it is arrogant of any town to think it should pass "laws". It wasn't a lack of "laws" that caused the legal prohibition, but a glut of "laws". Some misguided or evil person first had to pass a "law" that prohibited the use of golf carts on the road. Other people had to agree that "there should be a law". Conspirators had to pass the "law" and inflict it on the local population. Enforcers had to rob or kidnap those people who violated the counterfeit "law". This "law" that did not prohibit any act of aggression. This "law" that made a new crime that had no victim. This is the reason we suffer under Law Pollution. Don't pass a "law" legalizing something, remove the "laws" that "illegalize" it instead. Think about that when you hear about medical marijuana "laws", or concealed carry "laws". More "laws" are never the answer.

I will re-emphasize: it is wrong... bad... corrupt... repugnant to propose, pass, support, or enforce any law that tries to prohibit, regulate, or punish anything other than actual physical or economic aggression. If you do so you are causing real harm to real individuals and their liberty. You are violating their rights. In short, you are evil. Repudiate evil by working to remove the burden of counterfeit "laws".