Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Media's Election Manipulation

I have decided that the "mainstream media" may not really be "Leftists". Most are obviously not "Rightists" either. What they are: "Opportunists".

They want and promote the candidate who they think will make the biggest mess. That way they manufacture their own news. McCain was obviously the worst "Republican" candidate, so they pushed him to the top of the compost heap. They had a hard time choosing between Obama and Clinton II, but ultimately chose the one with the most disturbing (to the conservatives) background. After all, some of Hitlary's abominations might have been Bill's fault.

I think they have missed some opportunities, such as Ron Paul or me. Either of us could have given them a lot of news stories by completely overturning the status-quo had we been elected. But our actions would have derailed decades or centuries of more news, so that couldn't be allowed. Therefore it is "more of the same, only worse if possible".