Friday, August 22, 2008

True Environmentalists Don't Support Socialism

I love the natural world. I value unspoiled wilderness and wildlife. I can't stand litter and can't fathom why some people are ignorant enough to toss trash on the ground instead of putting it in trash containers. It has never hurt me even a tiny bit to hold onto my trash for a few minutes. People who crap in their nest by polluting and damaging the world are no friends of mine. But neither are the people who think that Law Pollution is the answer to trash and chemical pollution.

Those who embrace government protection of the environment are ignoring the fact that governments the world over are the worst despoilers of the natural world. They also fight against technological civilization while glamorizing tribal herdsmen; ignoring the fact that technology usually lessens the impact of the individual on the environment.

I have nothing against tribal herdsmen nor against high-tech societies. I have a lot against those who think the solution to anything is the growth of government control at the expense of the individual's liberty. Once again, government is not the answer. People generally protect that which they own, but even in the cases where they don't, they OWN the property, not the government, not society, not the neighbors. Taking their use of their own property is theft.

If you pollute or otherwise damage your neighbor's property, you should be held accountable. Your damage is not OK. Not even if you are a government weapon facility.

To give the biggest, worst polluter and despoiler the authority to tell others how to dispose of or use their own property is socialism. It is wrong. Real environmentalists support private property. They will educate property owners so they will understand how taking care of the environment helps their own interests. And they will leave those alone who do not go along.