Saturday, August 23, 2008

Libertarian, But.....

You have probably noticed, as have I, how many supposed libertarians cling to government at some level. It is as if they are scared to take that last step. They come up with excuse after excuse for why that last vestige of government is necessary to keep us all from killing each other.

Often they point to the Constitution, the "founders", religion, or their own military career as justification for their beliefs. They resort to insults such as the over-used "If you don't like it, move". Brilliant, Sherlock. And where exactly would you suggest as fertile ground for freedom? The entire globe is infected with your statism.

I am so tired of hearing them make excuses for blocking freedom. If you are scared, fine. Get out of the way and at least stop being a traitor to liberty. This really makes me angry. Governments should have "friends" like these.

So, should we simply write those people off as hopeless? I don't know, but I think they are even more stubborn and dangerous than flaming statists.