Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Keep Hoping, Statists

I think there are a good many people out there who are desperately hoping that libertarianism and its more radical child, anarchy, can never work. They have a lot invested in statism and keep looking for reasons why liberty "can't" work.

It is up to libertarians and anarchists to prove them wrong.

We can do this in our private and public lives on a daily basis. We can do this when we have a conflict between ourselves or with statists by taking the high road. We can do this by never initiating government contact when there is a conflict. If they initiate it, we can still deal with the situation in a principled way, though it may be harder.

Prove to the statists that the state is not only unnecessary, but undesirable, to us, at least. Show them that they are being ridiculous when they claim we will all kill one another without the guns of the state pointed at our heads; keeping us in line. Let them keep hoping while we keep proving them dead wrong.