Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting Along

I get along very well with almost everyone I meet. There are a few people who decide they aren't going to like me based upon my appearance. Even most of those change their mind after they get to know me. I can fully expect to go through my life with no major problems between myself and other individuals. I do expect there will be problems, though. All caused by different organs of the state and my refusal to simply obey. The only difficulties that arise are because of the state at one level or another.

Even when I have a deep difference of opinion with someone, it doesn't usually get too personal. As long as they don't force me to act as though I think they are right, and then force me to act against my principles, there will probably be no problem, at least from my end.

Individuals who have allowed themselves to become pawns of the state may have problems with me. I know that their "authority" is illegitimate. I know that almost every one of the rules they enforce are counterfeit. Their entire lives and purposes are based upon lies. They really don't like to encounter people who recognize that fact.