Saturday, September 27, 2008

Necessary Evil? No Such Thing

I keep hearing the federal "bailout" called a "necessary evil". I don't buy it (even if the government expects me to pay for it).

Those who worship government cry "But it will be so much worse if we do nothing!" I doubt it.

If people are going to be harmed if you do nothing, and people are going to be harmed if you do something, it would be better to do nothing and spend your time trying to help those who have been harmed while the situation corrects itself. But lend a hand as a private individual, not as a government parasite using stolen money and coercion.

I look upon this as similar to this scenario: The government put a time-bomb in a room. Now that its explosion is imminent, they storm into the room and shoot the people pointing out the bomb, and reset the timer for a little extra time, while adding more explosives to the bomb. Too many people only question how much explosives to add, not whether any should be added at all. Ask them why.