Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"If You Don't Like It, Get Out!" - Refuted Again

Don't you get tired of hearing that statement? It is regurgitated by the unthinking zombies of the state whenever they are confronted with evidence (or even a suggestion) that America could be made better. It is either a well-ingrained reflex or a post-hypnotic suggestion. Usually it gets shouted out when liberty-lovers begin criticizing the military being used to fight for the government, but it can crop up almost anywhere.

My usual response is that I love my home too much to abandon it to statism. I also recognize that those who call for the exit of those who love real freedom have a serious moral deficiency. I am not including those who simply ask why the freedom-lovers haven't yet left, but only those who demand our exit.

If the good people leave the country, the evil ones win by default. Perhaps they know that, and that is why they feel compelled to use their ultimate rationalization.

Leave my home to the likes of them? They wish!