Thursday, November 20, 2008

To Bush's Supporters

This letter is not aimed at most of my readers, but only at those who supported Bush through all of his presidency, whether because of "religious" reasons, or because you really enjoy seeing other countries invaded and "those people" killed. Very difficult times are coming. And it is more your fault than the fault of the politicians who will usher in the hard times. You are the ones who keep believing it is OK for a government to control my life. You are the ones who allowed it to go this far and called the dissenters like me "crazy" for speaking up against the abuses.

All of you who supported Bush while he violated the rights and liberties of people you disapprove of have seen your chickens come home to roost. You closed your eyes while he violated his oath of office from the moment of his inauguration and now you will pay the price. All the tools of the expanded presidency are now in the hands of a man who will have no problem targeting you.

It is funny to me, being a libertarian, seeing you wringing your hands in despair now. All the dictatorial powers that Bush stole, with your acquiescence, Obama will now use against you. It was fine for Bush to take these powers as long as he was using them against "the other side", but now you will be Obama's target. How does it feel?

You cry out in anguish that Obama will appoint federal judges who favor gay rights and abortion, yet you thought nothing of Bush appointing federal judges who favored the war on drugs or whatever police-state tool you liked. Bush invaded foreign countries and violated the Constitution. You ignored it or even cheered. You waved your federal flag. Now Obama will have his way with you. Using the weapons that Bush stole and stockpiled in the Oval Office. The weapons of "extraordinary rendition", "the Decider", Gitmo, the "PATRIOT" Act, the Military Commissions Act, etc. All of them will now be aimed at you and your family.

I hope you live to regret your complicity and feel your guilt. And I hope you learned your lesson: It is never OK to meddle in other peoples' lives if they are harming no one else. Never! No human being has the right, under ANY circumstances, to initiate force against another human being, nor to advocate or delegate its initiation. That obviously includes human beings who are running (or working for) the government.

Your support of laws allowing discrimination against certain people based upon victimless behaviors or preferences have made Obama dangerous to all our liberties, just as Bush was. Each president is worse, both personally and politically, than the preceding president. Obama may have skipped us ahead an administration or two, but the historical trend has not really changed.

It is time to acknowledge that government is not a legitimate human activity, but is just large scale theft, murder, kidnapping, extortion.... coercion - force - violent aggression. It is completely wrong in every instance. "Good" cannot be accomplished through evil actions. Stop pretending it can. It is time to withdraw your support completely from the system. Don't give up your freedom to the next parasite who pretends to be on your side in order to get your vote. He is lying too.

I am willing to forgive your part in the coming "interesting times". Please just come to your senses before it is too late.