Saturday, November 22, 2008

Calling All Statists

I don't use the term "statist" in an attempt to start a fight, I simply know of no other word to designate those who believe that "government" is a legitimate human activity. Substitute your own word of choice in the title if "statist" offends you.

I would really like to hear from some people who think I am completely wrong. If you really believe that government control is superior to individual liberty, then try to convince me. Don't bother trying to convince me it is possible to balance the two or that government control does not negate individual liberty, because that would be pointless. Although, if that is really what you believe, go ahead and state that for the record. I will not agree with you or believe you, but it is important to know where you stand for the debate.

If you can't make that argument, but know someone else who can and would be interested, send them a link to this post and invite them to speak their mind. I would really like to know where I am wrong, if I am wrong.