Monday, November 24, 2008

"Calling John Galt"

A new blog that shows a lot of promise. Check it out: Calling John Galt

More on Abortion

Recent discussions have brought this toxic topic to my mind again. I wish I had a concrete answer, backed up by rock solid logic and data, to show you once and for all that abortion is either right or wrong. But I don't. Everything is based upon religion, emotion, or feelings. You can base personal views on those things, but you should never inflict those views, through coercion, on others.

I don't like abortion, but I also understand that advocating or passing "laws" to prohibit it is wrong. "Laws" only provide an excuse to punish people. That adds to this perverted "culture of punishment" that we are already wallowing in. Nothing is made better by this course of action.

If you think abortion is wrong, I challenge you to change peoples' minds with facts, not with scare tactics, emotionalism, or threats. And absolutely not by attacking them with the big stick of the state. That tends to turn rational people against you. If you are right that abortion is morally wrong, two wrongs still DO NOT make a right.

I already do everything I morally can to prevent abortions: Being male, I have never had an abortion. Plus I have never advised anyone to get one unless their life was in serious danger. That is all I can do without sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. A lot of other people and groups would do well to follow my example.