Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Liberty Musings

Freedom isn't free, but it can't be purchased from the state. It can't be found in government or politics. It is not present in government jobs; it is never gained by working for the state in any capacity. This is like looking for life in the grave. Helping the state is in direct opposition to liberty.

Liberty is a free market product. Regulation destroys it, even while claiming to strengthen it. Freedom is purchased with responsibility. It can't be bought with stolen money, even if you call it "taxation". It is found in direct proportion to the liberty you respect in others.

"Safety" is freedom's mortal enemy; its Kryptonite. There can be no compromise between the two mutually exclusive goals. Nor is freedom advanced through punishment. When you try to punish someone, your own liberty takes a direct hit.

Liberty forgives, but never forgets. The enemies of liberty too often attempt to wrap themselves in its cloak, but they are still rotten with the worms and maggots of control and punishment. Their words and actions betray their true spirit. The cloak that they abuse will transform itself into a noose; they would be wise to run from it.