Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Studiously" Avoiding Libertopia

Most objections to a free society (or "Libertopia") are based on roadblocks that are in place because of government, not because of "real people" problems. Either it is "the law", or it is because people have gotten so used to government telling them how to live that their "self-responsibility muscles" have atrophied. Guess what: you aren't going to build them back up again by avoiding responsibility for your own life. At some point you have to grow up and stop being nannied.

People say "it can't work, because of ___". Almost without exception, that which fills in the blank is a problem caused and perpetuated by thinking that "government is the answer and the only solution". It isn't, unless you refuse to see any other solution. Just stop your complaining and think for a few minutes.

Freedom is never safe, but it is always worth the risk. A living death is the alternative. "Safety" is always an illusion; a lie, anyway. I'll take my chances with the truth, thank-you-very-much.