Saturday, December 06, 2008

Libertarian Blogging

I am not the only libertarian blogger out there. I do think I am one of the most daring; willing to say the things others think are too controversial. I think I am consistently libertarian in all my views (well, of course I would think that, wouldn't I). Even to the point of having some libertarians disagree for whatever reason. I make no exceptions for the state, which is where I think some others falter. I'm not going to soft-pedal or make it sound sweeter to try to avoid scaring the cattle. A stampede might be just what is needed.

Yet, as I say, as long as we are moving in the same direction I applaud the efforts. If others finally reach their destination and are content to stop reaching for more liberty, I will thank them for their help, bid them "good day", and I will keep striving to go even farther. As long as they do not try to forcibly stop me, I will hold no grudges. We have a long ways to travel before that becomes an issue.