Monday, December 08, 2008

What We Have Here is a Serious Lack of Imagination

I am becoming more convinced all the time that any objections to a really free society stem from a lack of imagination. For any objection raised, I can see all manner of possible solutions. For any solution, others seem committed to only thinking of endless problems. I have never been accused of being an optimist, either.

Yet I still realize that my own imperfect imagination prevents me from seeing most of the possibilities. I'm not the sharpest member of the species by a long shot. The human mind, and necessity, will in time find solutions beyond my wildest dreams. It always has, and I see no reason to believe the future will be any less innovative.

OK, so I have occasionally been accused of having an overactive imagination, but I don't base any of my scenarios on UFOs landing and changing human nature or altering the laws of the Universe. Nor do I have hope of Sasquatch donning a robe and preaching the word of liberty to adoring masses. Instead, I think people will continue to act in their own best interest, as they always have. My own experiences have taught me that respecting other peoples' rights IS in my own best interest.

It is just frustrating to me that people say "it can't be" when it obviously can, but people will need to stop thinking like they have been trained, by the state, to think. That is probably the first baby-step, but may be the hardest. It is time to let go of the indoctrination and imagine what liberty will look like and how it will work. Because liberty is ALWAYS the best course.