Monday, December 15, 2008

Bill of Rights Day- Do "They" Care?

Today, December 15th, is Bill of Rights Day. In recognition of that, I thought I would post an illustration of why the Bill of Rights, while arguably a nice idea, does nothing to restrain out-of-control statists. I understand we are talking about non-federal statists here, but I don't see any federales rushing in to defend these victims of tyranny, either.

I read this story about Amish people being fined and harassed for not getting building permits. A few quotes that illustrate the statist mindset really stand out:

"They just go ahead and don't listen to any of the laws that are affecting anybody else. It's quite a problem when you got people next door required to get permits and the Amish don't have to get them"

So, stop attempting to meddle with anyone's private business, you parasite. Yes, I realize it would take away your power and deprive you of your ill-gotten gains, but you're just going to have to put on your big-boy pants and get over it. Tyranny is wrong, no matter the excuse you use.

"You try to work with both sides," Howe said. "(We tell them) this is what we need you to do so everyone can go home and relax."

And if you would get out of people's lives, everyone could still "go home and relax". You are the only one preventing that with your counterfeit "laws". Understand? You are the one in the wrong here, not the Amish homeowners. You are demanding that they lie back and enjoy the rape "just to get it over with". That makes you evil.

"Custom-built homes are allowed in Wisconsin as long as the plans meet code standards, but apparently the Amish don't understand that"

So if a free person refuses to comply with your petty demands, you think it is because they are too stupid or backwards to understand what you are saying? Are you really that pathetically delusional? Oh, you are a bureaucrat, so we all know the answer to that.

"The government must show a strong reason why regulations outweigh religious freedoms"

This quote comes from the guy defending the Amish, and just shows how deeply the statism mythology runs. Instead of being wishy-washy here, he need to educate the nanny-staters: The First Amendment which forbids the government certain authority, dictates that there is no option for your governmental edicts to "outweigh" religious freedom. Not unless cannibalism of live victims or some other rights violation were being committed. That activity is much more likely among the bureaucratic kind, than among the Amish. Nope, here there is no "victim" here other than your ego and illegitimate power over the lives of others. Your desire to control others does not outweigh the right to be left alone by vermin like you.

"Building officials argue permits and codes ensure structural safety, but Amish homes aren't falling down, he said."

Exactly, so the bureaucrats are helping no one and must be told to mind their own business and get an HONEST job.

"People aren't getting hurt," he said

That is the bottom line. No victims, no "crime"; no authority for government interference. None.