Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Mexico Suffers Damaging "Storm"

The tyrants and enforcers of the New Mexico state government are so pleased with themselves for coming up with a new campaign for "fighting drunk (sic) driving". They are bragging about their new idea in radio ads and on billboards.

They are calling it "The Storm". The inference I am supposed to make, I suppose, is that if I dare to drive "drunk" (or just in an area where they fear "drunk" drivers may be travelling) the wrath of State-God will descend upon me and violate all of my human rights.... for the good of the collective.

They claim "It’s a clear warning to drivers—Do not put others or yourself in danger by driving after drinking." Where is this "danger" coming from? Not the alcohol, but from the enforcers. They are the real danger.. to our lives and liberties. To think that in other areas, where your rights are not violated with quite as much enthusiasm, "drunk" driving has also declined. Maybe tyranny isn't necessary after all.

So, in violation of human rights and civil liberties, state troopers will be bringing a storm upon the people who dare to travel in "their" state. Does this make them "stormtroopers"? Yes. Yes, it does. Empowered and burdened with all that the label implies.