Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy People

What can be done for crazy people? You know, the ones who the more sensitive types might call "mentally ill"; and particularly the ones who are prone to violence, since the others are not really a problem.

I'm not a psychologist or anything, so my opinions carry no weight. I'll express them anyway.

Do the rules not apply to the "mentally ill"? I think they do. Don't initiate force, and if you do, expect consequences. I think coddling crazy people only reinforces their behavior. Don't shield them from consequences or they will never learn to take responsibility for their action. If they insist on calling the cops when their cannabis is stolen, let them. If they attack innocent people, let the chips fall where they may. Some actions need to be selected against by our evolutionary imperative. Short-circuiting nature doesn't help anyone in this instance.

If your family is burdened by such a person, and you can't keep them under control, you may need to wash your hands of it and hope for the best. There is no Utopia. Just don't expect me to pay for the upkeep of violently crazy people through "taxation". That just might make me violently crazy.