Friday, December 19, 2008

"Liberals Who Like Guns"? Hardly

On a conservative gun blog, I dared to point out the folly of picking and choosing when it comes to rights. Not all gun blogs are this way, and the one in question isn't always that way, either. But... sometimes....

Anyway, one commenter decided that since he couldn't refute the statement I made, he would insult me. Fine. He said:

rights for everyone..." Libertarians are just Liberals who like guns. You guys
are exactly useless, just like the anarchists..

OK, first of all I am an anarchist, so your attempt at an insult missed the mark (be sure of your target).

Second of all, if, as you claim, I am only a Liberal who likes guns, tell me why I absolutely despise any form of welfare. Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, food stamps, all those things (and more) are repulsive to me. They are financed through theft from working people. Socialism and fascism are not any nicer if you call them by trendy names.

This tired tactic gets used on me a lot. "Conservatives" call me a liberal, and "Liberals" call me a right winger. What you have got to grasp is that this is a "divide and conquer" technique. As long as you can be convinced to support only those basic human rights you happen to like, the state, our true enemy, wins. It is all or nothing folks. That is why I will continue to speak out for ALL rights for EVERYONE for ALL times.