Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rules of the Road

A common misconception of us liberty types is that we "refuse to stop at stop signs". To this, I reply: Not usually. Remember, most of us have no problem with legitimate "rules", but only with rulers. I oppose (and sometimes ignore) rules that are obviously ridiculous and designed to only control actions that have no victims.

Stop signs are not usually in that category. Although I could point one out, if you would like, that I never saw anyone stop at. Yes, It was that ridiculously placed! Normally, stopping at stop signs is just a case of common decency, and one rule I follow.

Another legitimate rule of the road is the rule for driving on a particular side of the road. It makes sense that certain rules permit me to know what to expect on the road as I come around a blind corner, at least up to a point. Technology will one day make this a moot point, but for now, please stay on "your side of the road". It is simply courtesy and responsible behavior.

"Speed limits" usually are pointless and distracting. They force a driver to divide his attention between safely operating the vehicle and watching an arbitrary parameter. However, as long as the speed limit doesn't unnecessarily endanger me or my passengers, I normally follow it anyway.

That does bring me to a serious road hazard. Speed traps, or whatever you wish to call them, are a serious danger to safe travel on the roads. Notice how often drivers who are not even "speeding" slam on their brakes at the sight of one of the highwaymen hiding in his extortion collection vehicle. And when these parasites actually pick a victim, they pull off to the side of the road and compromise "public safety" even more; sacrificed for monetary gain by the state. The drivers singled out are rarely causing any danger, but are simply violating an arbitrary rule about velocity. This "traffic stop" behavior is a violation of the rules of the road, in my opinion.