Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silver Dubloon Update - Updated 9-13-2009

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Read the updates at the bottom...
I have decided to try to go ahead and have the "Silver Dubloons" made. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, read this and this first.) -Please read the comments below for an explanation of "dubloon" vs "doubloon".

Now it is up to you. Above is the picture of what they will look like. Tell me how many you want (they are $25.00 - or an ounce of .999 fine silver- each). I need to have commitments for close to 500 of them before I can take the next step, which will be to ask those who have committed to coins to go ahead and pay for them. I will then send the payment in and have them minted. It will then take a few weeks for the coins to be minted, and for them to be shipped to me, and for me to send them on to you.

So, if you are interested, please email me at and tell me how many you want, along with your contact information.
Added 5-4: This is coming along nicely, but has slowed down in the past couple of days. If you know anyone else who might be interested, or if you belong to a forum where people might like this, please help me spread the word. The faster I can collect all the pre-orders, the sooner I can have them minted.
Added 5-16-2009: You may notice I had to raise the price to $25. This is due to the current price of silver. If you previously pre-ordered at the lower price, your price is safe. New orders will be reserved at the new price unless silver prices come down, then you will get a lower price. The price you agree to may come down, but it will not go up. I am not in this to make money right at first, but I am also not in this to LOSE money. I hope everyone will understand.
Added 9-13-2009: Until and unless I can just afford to have these minted, and then sell them afterwards, I am guessing it won't happen. Pre-selling didn't work (although I sincerely thank those of you who did pre-order), plus I had bad timing since silver prices started up as soon as I started trying to promote this. I won't give up the idea. If anyone wants to invest a sizable sum to get these minted, let me know. It would take over $10,000 to do, depending on current silver prices.


  1. Sorry (only a little) for being a pedant, but if you'll correct the spelling of "doubloon" I'm in for five of 'em.

  2. Sunni, I understand. But there is a reason for the "creative spelling".

    A "doubloon" is a "former gold coin of Spain and Spanish America, originally equal to two escudos but fluctuating in value.".... which this isn't. That is why I spelled it differently. I didn't want any accusations of misrepresenting the coin, but now I am suspected of being illiterate. LOL I was imagining this as a sort of "brand name". (I'm glad now I didn't establish "Google"; one that has always annoyed me.)

  3. Kent, put me down for five. Thanks.

  4. Sean, Will do. If you get time, shoot me an email with your contact info.

  5. I'll take 10.

  6. Get it closer to the real price of the precious metal before you anticipate any folks burning their money, other than the febrile and/or ignorant.

  7. FWM- If this were raw silver, it could be sold for "spot". It isn't.

    Just in case you think I'm making money on the deal, I can assure you I'm not. Do you think the professional artwork and die manufacture is free? I am "eating" the cost of the set-up and production, and the initial 500 coin order will just about break even for me. I am hoping that the coin will be popular enough that I may eventually make a little on it, but that isn't my main reason for doing this.

    This is the same thing I often heard leveled against the Liberty Dollar. Coins have added expenses (and value) that raw silver doesn't.

  8. Well Kent, it seems that even anachist/libertarians still suffer from the implus to have something for nothing.
    I think that the coin is beautiful.
    Sorry that I ain't got money.

  9. Put me down for 5 as well.

    I like shiny things.

    Email me at

  10. My bad, email is actually...

    Sorry, but i've been drinking.

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  12. Sorry, anonymous, I don't moderate comments so your email address posted as soon as you published it, but I deleted it for you.
    Thanks for the order!