Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Once upon a time, back when America was free....

Once upon a time, back when America was free....

There was a time when America was the land of freedom; full of potential and promise. Then an unauthorized, ill-conceived, and "illegal" constitutional convention was held. The die was cast for a slowly growing cancer- a government which has gained momentum from that day forward, until today when it is a full-fledged run-away train heading over the cliff of socialism. The tracks were laid by the federalists who poisoned freedom with their toxic lies and desire for a powerful and "protective" state.

There has not been a "free America" in the lifetime of anyone living today, no matter the propaganda that has been drilled into your mind. Month by month it is getting "progressively" worse. There is no longer any possibility of living without violating some "law" enacted by some government somewhere. Since "ignorance of the law is no excuse"- an absurd concept, to be sure- this means you can be kidnapped by agents of the government at any time, and killed outright if you justifiably resist your kidnappers.

Those who keep defending this government, even reaching back to the Constitution for their reasons for doing so, are defending something unrecognizable to the people who put their lives and fortunes on the line for freedom. These modern-day "patriots" would be seen as "Tories" by the honorable revolutionaries of that past era.

You and I still have all the rights we were born with, but our freedom to exercise those rights without being killed by representatives of the government are all but gone. Our freedom can be restored, but probably not while under the US government or any of its co-conspirator state governments. We will probably need to undo the original damage done by those who immorally decided to take the destiny of future generations into their own bloody hands, and put an end to the coercive, evil, external government that they established.

This doesn't mean you must sit around and mourn lost freedoms. You can still "get away with" exercising your rights by living like a sneaky little Cretaceous mammal in the shadows of the dinosaurs- while unknowingly awaiting the asteroid strike. I don't really consider that "freedom", though. Perhaps someone will someday take the initiative to act in the asteroid's stead. Are you ready?

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