Saturday, August 01, 2009

Evil- The Definition

When I use the word "evil" I am referring to any act which intentionally harms any person who isn't currently initiating force or violating private property; someone who does not deserve to be harmed at this moment*.

(*An "innocent" person. No one is "innocent" all the time, nor is anyone never "innocent". All you can do is judge their innocence or guilt at this moment.)



  1. Interesting perspective. I like how you create your own dictionary or definitionary. What or how would you propose greed to mean.

  2. I think "greed" is basically "self-interest with regard to physical things". This is not bad in any way, no matter what some people may believe.

    However, when you twist that "self-interest with regard to physical things" to where you value it enough to steal, defraud, and/or murder, then that is where you did the evil act- the greed itself isn't evil.

    Everyone is greedy- even those who do altruistic things- otherwise they wouldn't survive. It's how you express that greed that can be the problem.