Saturday, January 10, 2009

Something For the Freedom-Fighter's Toolbox

Suppose there were "wanted posters" that displayed the worst of the enforcers for all the world to see. If a person, hypothetically speaking, wanted to know where to strike at those offenders in order to balance the scales of justice somewhat, they could check the posters to identify the enemies of freedom.

Well, such things do exist. They are even animated and have audio, and are broadcast for all the world to see. You can watch the rights violators at work, and see their attitudes clearly. You can see for yourself that the "bad apple" has no limits to his or her abusive nature and has no respect for either the Constitution or basic decency. You can see for yourself which ones are parasites without virtue. Right there on your TV screen.

Shows like COPS are a disgusting illustration, and in my opinion a partial cause, of the burgeoning police-state. They can also be a tool which can be put into the toolbox for future use. I even glimpsed a show about the parasites who put "boots" on cars in some big city. More identifiable thugs.

I can't bring myself to watch those types of shows. It would cause me to do things that would get me killed quickly. But for some others it might be something to think about and a tool to put aside for when it is needed.