Monday, January 12, 2009

Government Control

Government. There is no tool in existence that does more harm to the innocent when wielded by people with bad intentions (and I have my doubts that anyone who is successfully elected has anything but bad intentions of one type or another). Yet, its supporters claim that government is what can protect the weak and innocent from being harmed. Where does this disconnect with reality come from? Wishful thinking?

So, government and its most ardent supporters see nothing hypocritical about trying to regulate weapons in the hands of average people while doing nothing about the most powerful weapon in the world being in the hands of those very people least trustworthy with any sort of power whatsoever. Would you leave your 10 year old daughter in a room with any President, cop, or governor? Me neither. Unless she was armed to the teeth.

The world needs a lot less "gun control" and a whole lot more "state control". The irony is that one counters the other. That is why the villains of the state want everyone else to be either disarmed, or armed at the whim and permission of the state.