Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Help Out an Ally

Following David Codrea's excellent Gun Rights Examiner column every day (just as you do, don't you?) led me to the Libertarian Examiner.

This guy needs some support from freedom lovers. It seems he gets buried under an avalanche of hatred from tyranny deniers with very little help from people dedicated to liberty. So, if you have the inclination and the time, lend a hand and help the voice of reason rise above the noise.

A Few "Good Apples"?

Whenever the latest murder-by-cop occurs, I hear the state's apologists say "yes, there are a few 'bad apples', but not all cops are bad". Hmmm. Interesting speculation. Care to try proving it?

I do believe there are good EX-cops; I have met them and they usually hate the new crop even more than I do. I think there may even be some new cops who have not been dragged down by the hubris and "us vs. them" inherent in the system, although I think police training weeds almost all of the good people out before they even start the job. I don't think it is possible to remain a good person, and have a career in "law enforcement". Not anymore.

It is my contention that if there were a significant number of "good cops" out there, they would be exposing and eliminating the rot that wears the badges in today's police state. And the disgusting tyrants who send them out into the world. Where are these mythical "good cops"? Why are they silent?

So, until I see evidence otherwise, I will continue to assume that LEOs are really "Liberty Eradication Operatives" who earn the eternal, justifiable, contempt of free good people with their every action.