Friday, January 16, 2009

"Terrorists": The Least of My Fears

"Terrorists": those who use violence against innocent non-governmental people in order to cause societal terror so that the government will change its official policy. Doesn't work if you don't fear the little vermin, now does it?

I have a hard time thinking of ANYTHING I fear less than "terrorists". In fact, since they cause absolutely no "terror" whatsoever in me, they don't even exist in my universe. How about you?

I am not now, nor have I ever been, afraid of "terrorists". Funny, but those who accept the responsibility of being armed and prepared to protect those around them are called "paranoid" by the very people too afraid to be free. Who's paranoid?

So, Mr. Presidolt, don't use an imaginary "problem" to excuse overrunning my home with your thuggish stormtroopers. Don't use them as an excuse for violating more of my rights. Don't turn this society into a police-state on account of me. If you do, you are lying and have become the very thing you pretend to hate. YOU are a TERRORIST. You'd better turn yourself into your "non-torturing" buddies at Guantanamo Bay so that they can help you see the error of your ways.