Saturday, January 17, 2009

Homosexuality and Rights

First of all, no one's sexual orientation is any of my business unless that person decides to make it my business. I don't care unless you need me to care for some reason. And then it is probably still irrelevant.

Every human on earth has the exact same rights as every other human. There are no qualifications, no tests, no legitimate "licenses".

A person's sexual orientation or preference has absolutely no bearing on his or her rights. None.

It is wrong to beg for permission from government to marry whoever you want, although I realize that gay rights activists are simply trying to level the playing field. I understand that desire, while recognizing that the "playing field" is the wrong locality. It is a diversion.

Marriage licenses are a relic of racist bigotry even at their best, and need to be disposed of. Find the one(s) you want to marry, make an agreement, and then get on with your lives. No permission needed from anyone. It is statist evil to have "laws" that reward or penalize anyone for things that are no one else's business. Get government OUT of all our lives, unless it is to protect the innocent from the parasitic aggressors (something I think government is spectacularly ill-equipped to do). Gay people are not harming anyone; being offended is not being harmed. You have no right to not be offended.

I have never had a gay person try to seduce me or "convert" me. I have certainly never had one try to sexually coerce me. I can't say the same about straight females (but I am not complaining, mind you).

This rant was inspired by this opinion-piece. He has deleted a few of my comments on other subjects, so any comments I have previously posted on this article may be gone by now.

Added: I see new comments are still disappearing about as quickly as they are being posted.