Monday, January 19, 2009

Wanted: A Cave

I admit it: I am depressed.

Recently the overwhelming realization has hit me that very few people want to live free. While that won't stop me, it does mean that I know I probably will not be living in a free society at any point of my life. I would like to have company.

I have never claimed that freedom will be easy for everyone. What can you expect when the majority of people have been trained from birth to depend on the state in some way? What I do claim is that it will be better for everyone who does not intend to live the life of a parasite. No other philosophy can honestly make that claim. I do not seek to force people to be free; such an idea is so full of contradictions as to be ridiculous. I do expect to be allowed to live free, the way I choose, and will resist any attempts to stop me. I expect no better than coercion from the dependant and stubborn statists around me.

That isn't the worst of it.

The thing that confuses and hurts me the most are the people who claim to want liberty, but who will search for any excuse they can find to hide from it. These are the people supposedly on my side! It has become obvious that even they want nothing to do with liberty. The very idea either paralyzes them with fear or it sends them into a frenzy of "but"s. OK, I get it: you are scared of freedom and will do anything you can to stop it from becoming the "norm". Fine. I am not going to violate the ZAP and try to force you to grow up. Still, it is disappointing in the extreme to see liberty denigrated and replaced by a statism-lite in the debate for freedom.

Maybe it is time for me to find a secluded cabin or a cave and withdraw from civilization. I think it would do me good. Anyone have a nice cave they could loan or rent me?