Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Laugh for Today. No, Not THAT One

In celebrating the absurdity of the state-worship circus happening today, I offer this:

I found this "definition" of "libertarianism" on Uncyclopedia. It's good to laugh at ourselves sometimes.

I was shocked to see they have a picture of a "typical libertarian" during his internet time there close to the bottom of the page. Did they sneak a camera into my compound and catch me off-guard? Did DHS help them? Where was my tinfoil beanie?

They also have a "definition" of "Anarchy" which is even more hilariously off-base than the definition of libertarianism. They seem to have made the common error of mixing up "anarchy" and "nihilism", just like everyone else. It's good they didn't get a photo of me celebrating my anarchism! That normally involves capybaras and body paint.