Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another Virus

I seem to have fallen prey to another computer virus. It isn't letting me access my emails, so it I don't respond to comments on here or emails you have sent, I am not ignoring you intentionally.

This virus calls itself "Antivirus 2009" and pretends to be from Microsoft. When I roll the mouse over any of its links, they lead to "" with other things after the slash. But when I type that in, without all the stuff after the slash, it either takes me to the microsoft page or it blocks the page with a warning from itself. Even the pages it allows me to access, it puts a warning bar across the top of the page with a little warning shield and saying "The page you are opening is probably contains spyware, adware, etc.. Your system might be at risk, Click here to protect your system with Antivirus 2009."

Well, I have now gotten into my email through a roundabout way, but I don't know how long it will last. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: McAfee's virus removal service got rid of it, after everything else I tried failed. Thanks for all the suggestions, and thanks to McAfee!


A new news and opinion website for politically minded libertarians has recently launched. FreedomPolitics is from the folks at Freedom Communications, which owns the local newspaper hereabouts.

I know from personal experience, these are good people. Check them out.

Us vs. Them: Some Thoughts on the "Punishment Mentality"

I recently participated in some online debates surrounding someone who was arrested for something which I consider a bogus "crime", but which is very unpopular among the general population. I get very disgusted by all the neanderthals out there who hope for the person (and me -for pointing out the stupidity of "the law") to get raped to death in prison. But it does get me to thinking.

My feeling is that this is a tribal thing. Those who imagine themselves of the side of "Law and Order" enjoy seeing someone get defeated by "their team". They cheer enthusiastically without considering the reality of the situation. Never mind that at any moment "their team" could turn on them and they could find themselves on the other side. They don't see that unpleasant little fact, and would never admit it if they did.

But then, I get happy at the thought of the Nuremberg II trials putting the criminals of the out-of-control US government in the hot seat too. Although, I think the difference is that I would be more than happy to let those pathetic parasites go live their lives in peace once they were stripped of any power to harm innocent people ever again. At least without facing instant retribution. I don't really want "punishment"; I simply want the crimes to stop.