Friday, January 23, 2009

Hypnotized by Obama?

I have been very surprised at the number of "libertarians" who have seemingly fallen under the spell of Obama's smooth voice. They seem to want to "give him a chance" by ignoring his personal political history and his admitted agenda.

Obama is nothing to celebrate. All the "change" nonsense and the "new beginning" garbage is thinly disguised racism, and nothing more. Look beyond the man's surface to his socialist core. He wants your loyalty, but will not respect your individual human rights. All this talk of "unity" is just "get-on-the-bandwagon propaganda" designed to make you forget that he is not a friend of liberty in any sense of the phrase.

Bush was BAD; I am glad he is gone. But make no mistake, Obama is no better. He is not a better person. His motives are no more pure. He doesn't value liberty any more than any other president has. What he is, is a more compelling speaker. That makes him more dangerous. Remember the compelling speakers of the past, such as in Germany in the 1930s? Don't get hypnotized. Stay alert. See the reality of the soothing words and the comforting tone of voice. See through the deception. Don't be distracted from the goal: ALL liberty, for EVERYONE, everywhere, for ALL time.