Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Language of Tyranny

Some of the weirdest arguments in favor of government come from those who are afraid of every little thing. Such as those who claim that without a "strong" (tyrannical) government, "We would be speaking German now."

OK. So let's look at this rationally. Do you really think it matters if you and your local tyrannical police-state representatives and enforcers speak German or English? I don't. My ancestors probably didn't lose an awful lot of sleep worrying about what language I would be speaking now, in 2009. I know that the claim is short-hand, used instead of thinking, for the fear that without the US fedgov's wars, we would be living under a Nazi police state now, instead of the US police state we currently have.

That's highly doubtful. My feeling is that the Nazi police state, had it overrun America, would have collapsed by now anyway. People would have been much less cooperative with a sudden invasion than they have been with the slow and subtle creep of the socialist police state we have experienced. Our frogs are boiling and we don't smell the soup.

It's the same with any other group the government exploits for its own purposes of inciting fear. There is less danger from sudden invasion than there is from a slow and steady erosion of liberty. And who is responsible for that erosion? Not Muslims, "illegal aliens", or terrorists; but your local mayor, cops, and council members; bureaucrats and politicians at the federal level; and everyone who goes along instead of opposing them.

Face it, in America even today, with our 20,000+ victim disarmament ("gun control") "laws", an invading force and its native quislings would be getting shot from every side. They wouldn't stand a chance, not even if "laws" kept such acts "illegal". Yet, the same outcome is being deviously implemented by "your friends" in government. "Friends" who protect themselves with "laws" that forbid the very actions the founders of America believed necessary for ensuring liberty. And gullible people go along and support these domestic enemies at every turn. How's that for a quiet invasion?

So, tell me again how it matters which language is being spoken?