Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looking for the Good

A lot of times, whenever a new figure emerges on the political scene, I try to see the good in them. That usually comes back to haunt me, since no one can ever live up to the standards of myself or other anarchists. But I do try. The example in the link is just the latest person to crop up, but not one I have an opinion on one way or another.

The sad thing is how often I get chewed out for saying something nice about someone. Seriously, I have no desire to live my life looking for things to dislike about everyone. It would be an exhausting and lonely existence. I am learning to keep my mouth shut in most cases.

I do know that no one who gets elected is ever going to be a philosophically pure libertarian or anarchist. It's just the nature of the "game". They will all do things that are horrible, if they haven't already. Or they will associate with some really unsavory statist monsters. However, a lot of people have some things we can appreciate as long as we don't get caught up and lose sight of the goal.

Worship no one, no matter how wonderful they may seem at first glance. Be willing to praise people when they are right. Don't wallow in a hate-fest regarding the people you just can't say anything good about. Some people are just beyond help.