Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

  • It is no wonder most children don't know right from wrong. They are told, if there is a problem, call the cops. That is wrong.
  • People don't understand because they don't want to understand. Denial and "head-in-the-sand" are frequent reactions to things people don't want to understand.
  • Freedom isn't "easy", but it really isn't that hard either.
  • Until you stand up for unpopular freedoms, even those you personally despise, you are not standing up for freedom at all, but are supporting oppression and tyranny.
  • Those who don't learn from history.... get elected and doom the rest of us to repeat it. Unless we are smarter and more prepared than most people.
  • There is a thin line separating "being helpful" and "being meddlesome"... and the one who gets to define the line is the recipient of your ministrations.