Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ruled by Emotions

It seems as if most people are ruled by their emotions. Whenever there is some "crime", everyone is out for blood, regardless if the accused actually did it or not, and regardless of whether the "crime" harmed any people or not.

One BIG point of evidence for this is that when I read of a "drug bust" on the local newspaper's website, a majority of the comments are cheering the bust, never even considering the truth behind the evil and stupid War on some Drugs. Never even considering if the arrestees are actually guilty of doing what the state says they did. Just celebrating their downfall.

It is also the same if someone is arrested on "child pornography" charges. It doesn't matter to them if the charges are true or not in the slightest degree. Or if a real attack occurred. Remember that cartoons; fictional, non-existent characters, who have no real "age" at all and therefore can't be "minors" no matter how they were drawn to appear, involved in imaginary acts that never occurred, can qualify as "child pornography" if the state decides it does (which it always will), and can be used by the state to destroy lives. Yet those who are ruled by emotion jeer and say they hope the accused suffers the most hideous assaults while kidnapped by the state.

It's as bad as the gun owners who say that gun owners like Wayne Fincher and David Olofson "got what they deserved" when they were arrested for having "illegal" machine guns, even though neither of them ever harmed or threatened anyone in any way. No government has the authority to regulate guns in any way, with or without the Second Amendment. Yet, emotions say to rip apart the victims while they are down; like a pack of wolves would do. It really makes me sick.

Stop acting out of emotion. Think. Reason. Grow up.