Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is it time for a 'one-world currency'?

Is it time for a 'one-world currency'?

The coming collapse of the US dollar has caused some people to question whether it is time for a "one-world currency".

Should there be one? Yes and no. There should not be a government-mandated "one-world currency", especially not of the "fiat" variety, but there should still be "one currency" anyway: freedom of choice. Ditch the government monopoly on money, which orders you to use worthless printed paper, and let people across the entire world choose what to use as a placeholder of trade value. Everyone will choose their own personal favorites.

Gold and silver are obvious choices for money, but if you would rather work for (literally) peanuts... or ammunition, or sexual favors, or bottle caps, or whatever .... that should be your choice. And truthfully, it always will be.

No government can coerce you into using its worthless fiat money in all your dealings, no matter how hard it tries. It's time to start trying out your freedom wings. Exercise now will make it a lot easier to fly on that day when you are pushed off the cliff.