Monday, March 30, 2009

Principles must be universal or they are meaningless

Principles must be universal or they are meaningless

If one has real principles, one must be consistent. All people have the exact same rights as all other people, regardless of the demands of the local Rulers and enforcers. Regardless of constitutions or bills of rights. Regardless of "laws".

If something is wrong for me to do, then it is still wrong for me or anyone else to do even if we put on "the silly hat of government". Each person is free to do as he or she wishes as long as they harm no innocent person. Are you prepared for that?

By your actions you may set in motion a series of consequences you may not like, but no one has any obligation to save you from yourself; from the consequences of your own actions. In fact, attempting to do so without being asked is meddling, and asking for help when you caused the situation to begin with could be seen as becoming a parasite.

Accepting your responsibilities willingly

Accepting your responsibilities willingly

Some things are your responsibility whether you wish to accept it or not. Just because there is a government "professional" who claims that he is now responsible for your "welfare" doesn't mean you can stop thinking and start grazing on your meadows of clover.

It is your responsibility to provide for your own personal safety and protection. You can attempt to shirk this responsibility and rely on police, but they never have your best interests at heart. After all, they are normally more concerned that you obey all their nonsensical rules than whether you are in danger. (A recent event in Dallas should illustrate this quite clearly) No one can be paid well enough to care as much about your own safety as you already do.

It is your responsibility to educate your children. How you choose to do that can make a huge difference in their lives. No government employee cares one fiftieth as much as you do how your children are prepared for life. No one at the school is as concerned for the safety of your children as you are. There is no way to pay them enough that they will care as deeply as you do.

Your financial future is your responsibility. No government program is sufficient for all your needs and wants. The fact that the program has been stealing your money for decades doesn't mean it will be there when you need it. You need to either hide any future money from the muggers, or plan for a future without that source of income.

Your health is your responsibility. Socialized "free" health care isn't the answer (unless the question is "what is the least likely way to get quality health care?"). No profession survives being taken over by the mafia without becoming beholden to the thugs who call the shots and hand out the money. Your health takes a backseat to other concerns.

It is your responsibility to make your own choices and then deal with the consequences. You may try to shift the blame when things go wrong, but the responsibility is yours alone. Will you accept it or try to ignore the truth?